loveland residential carpet cleaners

We believe Koala T is the most ethical and honest company you will ever do business with. We arrive when we say we will and work until the job is done well. Whatever your reason for calling us, we’ll treat your home like it’s our own every time!


As a Loveland Residential Carpet Cleaning company, we often get calls from customers requesting help with specific problems:

Pre-treatment and Assessment


Whatever the situation, we have residential carpet cleaning solutions that can handle it. Before we get started, one of our skilled technicians will assess the job and let you know exactly what you can expect in terms of the scope of work and the cost.


Then we’ll prepare the area, moving most furniture if you wish, before we begin our 5-step cleaning process.

5-Step Home Carpet Cleaning Process.


This time-tested technique is designed to address the toughest problems and make your carpet look like new again. Here’s how it works:


professional home carpet cleaners offering a satisfaction guarantee

  1. We pre-spray your carpet with a nature-based, powerful emulsifier and enzyme solution to loosen soils and break down any organic matter that has settled into the carpet.
  2. We use an extraction wand to pump a hot water solution deep into the carpet and suction out the dirt and grime. Many companies use only water, but our fiber-safe acid rinse neutralizes pH levels and removes any trace of residue, making your carpet look and feel cleaner for longer.
  3. We treat any remaining trouble areas with a concentrated solution of enzymes to strong arm hard-to-get grime particles clinging to the carpet fibers. They may be tough, but our enzymes are tougher!
  4. We hit these spots again with the extracting wand, again neutralizing pH levels, and we repeat these steps until your carpet is literally spotless.
  5. Then we “dry swipe,” using powerful suction to remove excess moisture for a super-fast drying time.



At Koala T, a Loveland Residential Carpet Cleaning company, we understand that we’re asking for your trust to let us into your home and clean your valuable property. We’ll earn that trust by providing the most effective, child and pet-safe residential carpet cleaning solutions, and offering a caliber of service that will leave you smiling.